F2Pool, a mining pool from China who recently mined an Ether (ETH) transaction with an abnormal rate of 2,310 ETH, returned 90% of the rate to the sender.

In announcing the news on June 18, F2Pool said that MiningPoolHub, the original owner of the management behind the transaction, received 2,079 ETH, approximately $480,000. The group specified the transaction ID, showing that F2Pool returned the value to the original owner.

To complete the refund transaction, the original address holder had to sign the new address using the private key of the original address. This is because the original address is now controlled by a hacker, F2Pool said.

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F2Pool wrote:

„In our humanitarian spirit, F2Pool decided to return the fee component of the transaction. It is not possible to return the fee to the original sender’s address, as the address is also controlled by the hacker. Therefore, we agree to send the fee to a new address provided by the owner of the original address after full verification of the address and owner.

According to the F2Pool release, the remaining 10% of the transaction fee, or 231 ETH ($53,000), will be distributed to the miners. The amount will be used as compensation for extracting zero-rate ETH over a seven-day period from June 20-26.

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Ether’s strange series of transactions
F2Pool’s decision to return 90% of the rate comes shortly after the mining pool reported the strange transaction on June 12. The suspicious transaction took place on 11 June, with an original value of 3,221 ETH but a fee of 2,310 ETH. On June 12, the original owner of the address behind the transaction contacted F2Pool and explained that they had been victims of a cyber attack on their node wallet, which caused them to lose a combined 5,531 ETH, approximately $1.2 million.

The latest news is another twist in a series of recent abnormal Immediate Edge transactions involving two other mining consortia: Etherchain and Sparkpool. As reported by Cointelegraph, the two mining pools faced similar transactions in a row, and in both cases an incredible $2.6 million was paid for the transaction.

An Ether mining pool decides to pocket one of the $2.6 million transaction fees

In contrast to the recent F2Pool decision, Etherchain and Sparkpool decided to split the millions of dollars in GAS fees they received for the strange transactions. Both pools stressed that they have given enough time for the sender to contact them. Sparkpool’s transaction took place on June 10, while Etherchain’s followed on June 11.

This is not the first time that F2Pool returned rare transaction amounts to the sender. In March 2019, the group returned an abnormal transaction fee of ETH 2,100. The amount, which was approximately $300,000 at the time, was returned to the sender in full, the