Despite earlier statements, Dash insists that he is no more private than Bitcoin

After removal of Bitrex, Dash revises ‚privacy currency‘ label NEWS

A recent tweet of Dash’s official Twitter account generated criticism that cryptomoeda, which previously announced its privacy features, is withering in the face of possible regulatory scrutiny.

On January 1, the US-based Bittrex Exchange announced in a tweet that Bitcoin Supreme it would remove Monero, Zcash and Dash:

The removals follow a similar announcement on December 29 last week that Bittrex would remove XRP after an SEC case against Ripple , prompting speculation that the exchange had preventively removed privacy currencies in anticipation of wider regulatory scrutiny.

In response, Dash announced in a tweet that they „contacted @BittrexExchange to request a meeting“ and that referring to DASH as a „privacy currency“ is an inappropriate term:

In 2017 , however, the archived screenshots of the Dash Foundation website announce DASH as „the world’s first privacy-centric cryptomeda. The current Dash Foundation website now says DASH is „the leading cryptomeda in payments“.

In a recent tweet about the closure of DashPay, CEO Ryan Taylor also minimised currency privacy features:

Although the apparent turnaround has provoked mockery and criticism on Twitter, proponents noted that Dash launched guidance on cryptomime’s privacy features in August.

In a blog on Dash’s official website, Taylor wrote that „regulators are concerned that exchanges may be unable to comply with KYC / AML regulations when trading currencies with privacy features,“ because DASH „is often found on lists of privacy enhancing currencies. ”

However, Taylor wrote that Dash has been very successful in convincing exchanges and regulators that Dash is not a privacy currency.

„Through a process of education, we have been effective in explaining the technology and convincing regulators that accepting Dash represents no additional risk compared to Bitcoin.
Clarifications on Dash’s primary focus follow an announced upgrade for Dash to move to the testnet phase, an upgrade that will include DashPay, a „social cryptomime payment portfolio“. DASH fell 3% on the day to $87.71.